About Space Kaysea Creations 



Art is the expression of human skill and imagination. I enjoy working with the contrast of vibrant colors and vastness of our universe in a wide variety of medium, mostly acrylic , oils and watercolors applied to a diverse range of pallets . Art is a beautiful state of meditation for me . Creating is a ever changing rebirth process , growing with each new piece of art. I strive to break down limits in my own mind and shine a creative light to the artist is us all . I believe we are all creatures of skill and imagination just waiting to unfold.


I'm inspired by all the adventures this life's journey has provided . Seeing the milk way from mountains sparked a desire to blend that with all the beauty the natural word has to offer. Traveling to Central America has been a beautiful vibrant influence on my art since I first visited the mysterious ruins, Caribbean sea, and mountains full of color.

 Creating along to live music has also fueled my inspiration and helped me to stretch out of my comfort zone. The inspiration for live painting came from being involved with a local organization, The Cascades Raptor Center in Eugene. I did a live painting at 12 different music events and each piece was inspired by a different Raptor living at the center. This has helped open the door to many more opportunities of live painting at shows from Cottage Grove to Eugene and Portland with some truly inspiring musicians.

I look for inspirations on the daily , whatever moves me to have  a vison I would love to represent through my heart . Creating magic with each brush stroke.