Receiving this certification to share the magic of art. 


Casey was born and raised in the Midwest and has been inspired by living in the Pacific north west and has embraced being an artist. Seeing the milky way, clouds become mountains on the horizon and the power of the sea sparked a desire to paint all the beauty the natural word has to offer.
She enjoys working with the contrast of vibrant colors and vastness of our universe in a wide variety of mediums. Casey feels that painting is a beautiful form of meditation. Creating is a ever changing rebirth process, growing with each new piece of art. Her desire to break down limits in her own mind and shine a creative light to the artist is us all . She truly believes we are all creatures of skill and imagination just waiting to unfold. Her recent artistic accomplishment is gaining a certificate to teach Bob Ross's technique of "wet on wet" oil painting for landscapes.

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Casey Hartman 

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Bob Ross Certified Instructor

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